Oasys Announce Major Partnership With XPLA and Ubisoft

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Today (June 28th, 2023) Oasys held a special event revealing Its past and new partnerships.

Oasys is a game development platform that operates on blockchain technology, providing a secure and scalable infrastructure for creating games creating efficient and interoperable games. By collaborating with well-known validators such as Ubisoft and SEGA, Oasys brings about a revolutionary change in the gaming industry. 

Oasys announced during its event they are partnering up with XPLA. This strategic partnership between Oasys and XLPA together will help create a blockchain gaming ecosystem for gamers and developers in Japan. One of the major announcements made in relation to the collaboration between Oasys and XLPA is the upcoming introduction of the Summoners War: Chronicles game that will soon be introduced in Japan.

One of the special highlights announced during the special Oasys event taking place today (June 28th, 2023) at the historic Nijo Castle in Kyoto, Japan is for the first time ever Ubisoft is partnering up with Oasys to create a new Web3 game titled “Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronices.” 

The Oasys event also provided updates and information on previous titles and partnerships. 

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