Immutable and SuperDuper Partner up To Create Web3 Game Overlord

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Immutable and SuperDuper Partner up To Create Web3 Game Overlord:.

SuperDuper and Immutable announce collaboration to develop a real-time Web3 strategy game based on its Overlord intellectual property.

SuperDuper has introduced Overlord as a versatile Web3 gaming and entertainment brand, forming an integral part of their strategy to engage with and attract millions of users into its Web3 ecosystem. 


Previously, in January of this year SuperDuper launched its NFT collection “Cold Blooded Creepz” and to date has generated over $220 million in trading volume.

SuperDuper is presently utilizing the Overlord platform to collaborate with gaming studios and a game development advisory board in the creation of multiple blockchain games. Their initial significant collaboration involved partnering up with Revolving Games who is developing a blockchain game for the mass market using Overlord’s intellectual property.

The partnership between SuperDuper and Immutable will not only allow SuperDuper to develop a real-time Web3 strategy game based on Overlord’s IP, but also enable SuperDuper to provide their customers with gas-free trading of digital assets for players across its web3 ecosystem. Furthermore, as the SuperDuper brand and its Overlord IP expands, all associated assets will be available on various Immutable-integrated marketplaces including GameStop Marketplace, Rarible, and Token Trove. In conclusion, the partnership between Immutable and SuperDuper will deliver an immersive Web3 experience to customers, Revolutionize asset trading, and expand the reach of Overlord’s IP in blockchain gaming.

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