July 2023 Diablo Developer Update

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Today on July 6, 2023 leading members of the Diablo IV development team Rod Fergusson (Diablo Franchise General Manager), Chris Liao (Diablo Immortal Lead UX Designer), Ryan Quinn (Diablo Immortal Sr. Narrative Designer), and Adam Fletcher (Diablo Franchise Community Leader) made some major announcements and updates for Diablo.

Last year, a massive online MMORPG known as Diablo immortal was released in June 2022 and just today it was announced during the Diablo Developer Update livestream they are going to have an entirely new class added to the Diablo Immortal Game on July 13th known as the Blood Knight showcasing its gameplay and character customization.

On today’s developer live stream for the Diablo franchise, a new trailer for Diablo IV’s first season ever was released and the team showcased some of the new ways players will be able to make their characters more powerful by defeating elite monsters who drop a malalignment heart and socket them into your jewelry similar to a gem and gain really powerful abilities that enhance the player’s character regardless of class. 

The Diablo IV development team also announced the very first Diablo IV season ever and gave its players a look into a part of the battle pass on what to expect starting on July 20th, 2023.

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